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Planning or organizing your family’s birthday parties or might become overwhelming. We are here to help you. By booking party at Escape Virtual Reality you will get 100% PRIVATE event with 2,700 square feet clean facility just for you. Delegate your headache to us. We will be responsible for hosting, setting, cleaning and creating a fun environment for your birthday parties. You can set back and spend a quality family time with friends on your child’s special day or an adult private event, rather than worrying about the party routine.

It’s is Premier Birthday Party destination. We are offering nine virtual reality stations (10ftx10ft). Nine people can play at the same time seeing each other and communicating in virtual reality world. Its fun, safe and unique multiplayer experience.

We recommend to book at least:

2 hours for group of 9-18 guests ($500-$600)

3 hours for group 9-24 guests ($700-$900)

4 hours for group 24+guests. (call for pricing)

Prices depended of what day of the week is your party. 

You can bring your own food and drinks or just let us know and we can take care it for you.

Please give us a call or fill the form below.

Finding quality time with your family is a difficult task we know, but now you have the alternative of not only having quality time, but also fun times with the family. With Escape Virtual Reality you can spend time with your family and in an activity that everyone will love, both parents and children, and you can definitely form a bond with them through Virtual Reality.

No, it is not about video games, it is a different and much more complete alternative, since you require constant communication with all the members of your family, in a healthy competition or perhaps generating a winning strategy in which your whole family will have fun. .

Remember we have reality games for all ages.


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