We are the Dream Hackers. Our team has found a way to travel in collective dreams by synchronizing the brain rhythms. There we found a world of dreams and memories. The shards of dreams are paradoxical places connected by a network of transitions beyond the usual laws of reality. Symbols, things, and plots of the collective unconscious are bizarrely intertwined, forming a stream of memory that goes back to the centuries of human history. There you can meet marvelous creatures, walk the streets of the cities that never existed, and experience the events of the past and the future. But be careful – as in any dream, behind the wonders sometimes hide living nightmares that will try to stop uninvited guests. In a new adventure you are to uncover the ancient Citadel and gain a powerful artifact – the Book of Memories.

Genre: VR Adventure
Difficulty: Adaptive
Number of players: 1-6
Age: 12+
Available languages: English plus 20 other